Curve Surface intersection


I have a code in which I want to use both “rs.ExtendCurve” and “rs.CurveSurfaceIntersection”. but I receive an error that I do not know how I can solve it. I wonder if someone can help me.
The goal of the code is finding the intersection points of the projected lines on different surfaces.
On the line 25 if the ‘#’ be removed the error will show up. :slight_smile: (3.8 KB) Extention_VS_Intersection.3dm (44.3 KB) (3.2 KB)

Here’s a quick fix.
I recommend you look into the data going into the arguments of method calls. The extend function can take a list of surfaces (which is what your “x” input parameter is) and seems to only extend to the first surface the curve will hit.
Your original code failed also because you were feeding the rs.CurveSurfaceIntersection() a list of surfaces rather than just one.

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