Curve extension


can someone help me with this error.
I have two points ( a line) and want to extent them to different surfaces I have.

Probably just need to set the z input to “List access”…

it is already “List access”.

In looking at it again more closely, I think you need to eliminate the loop. - no need for

for zz in z

rs.ExtendCurve already accepts a list of boundary surfaces as an argument and the GH component will do the list creation automatically.

I have more than one a surface. that why I have the loop.
and if I take the loop out I receive this error:
“Parameter must be a Guid or string representing a Guid”

That part doesn’t matter. That’s why you set “List access” so the component knows that the input is to be treated as a list. Then it makes an internal loop with the list.

Let me see if I can reproduce the problem, maybe it’s more complicated than I think.

Hmm, seems to work OK here - however, looks like a single line cannot be extended multiple times, it stops at the first surface it intersects…

ExtCrv_Test.3dm (583.8 KB) (5.5 KB)

After looking at it for awhile, I think I understand at least one problem - mainly with extending a line both ends. If I loop over the input surfaces in the python component - which is actually possible - it takes the surfaces one at a time and a line cannot be extended both ends to the same planar surface. So it fails. If I set it to one end only, the internal loop works.

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