Curve seam changes when creating an array of curves

This is a suggestion. When you run the “Array” command on a curve, I wish the curve seam remained unchanged. I use Rhino for CAM and when I have a lot of slots to cut (75-100) in a part, I need the starting point of the slot curve to be the same for each curve. I want to set it for the first curve and then array that curve to get the rest all with the same starting point. I can probably solve this problem with a python script but I thought I’d throw this out here.

Hello - it should not change - if you are checking by using the CrvSeam command, make sure to use ‘Natural’ and not ‘Automatic’.

The ShowEnds command may be a better tool for checking.
@jakemurphy0118 I mistakenly wrote CrvEnd, I mean ShowEnds, the analysis mode,


Oh that’s great. Thank you for explaining that.