Why wont these 2 curves join? i am going mad!

started a new simple project - line and an arc, join… no - why?

join-help-me.3dm (46.9 KB)

You really need to look at the details of your objects. Select the arc and what it says in Properties

Valid curve.
Closed polycurve with 2 curve segments.
Segment 1:
start = (-110,0,100)
end = (-1.42109e-14,0,210)
center = (-2.13163e-14,0,100)
radius = 110
angle = 90 degrees
Segment 2:
start = (-2.84217e-14,0,210)
end = (-110,0,100)
center = (7.10543e-15,0,100)
radius = 110
angle = 90 degrees

What you have is two “near-duplicate” curves that are on top of each other and joined to each other to produce a closed curve. You can’t join that to anything else.

On top of that the line is actually two segments on top of each other, so you need to explode that and remove the extra segment.

Explode both, delete one of the arcs and the spurious line segment and then it will join.

HTH, --Mitch

wow! thank you… Note to self — slow down… I must have dup and joined…

appriciate you saving my sanity

I guess you know Jen at https://3dtraining.ch/ ?

Yep. As far as I know, no longer with the company though.

there is a command for locating stuff like this (assuming it’s not already joined, if so explode 1st)


Yeah, unfortunately, in this case the arc segments are not exact dupes so SelDup does not select them…

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