Curve on Surface v5




Is there any command like CurveOnSrf developed for v4?

Any way to use that old .rhp with v5?

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

There is a command in v5 called InterpCrvOnSrf is that what you mean?


No, I mean this:


Nice find. Or is this a well disguised request? I’ve searched for such a command for years…


Dale or others, can you update this plugin to version 5?
Ciao Vittorio


Yes update it!


Shouldn’t the V4 plugin at least work with Rhino 5 32 bit?


(Pascal Golay) #8

@GregArden, was there ever a 64 bit version of this?


(David Cockey) #9

@Pascal Curve on Surface Plug-in for Rhino 5

I use it in Rhino 5 64 bit.

(Pascal Golay) #10

Hi David, that’s the one- thanks! I thought we’d made one at some point.


(David Cockey) #11

@pascal Perhaps CurveOnSurface could be upgraded from a Labs Plug-in to a regular command in V6.

(Pascal Golay) #12

Hi David- yeah, there’s been some talk of that, I don’t know what the status is, actually. Let’s ask @GregArden again… =)


(Greg Arden) #13

I know there are people that find this tool to be very usefull. However the command has a number of blemishes that have prevented it from being included as a full fledged command in Rhino. Right now it is not assigned high enough priority that I expect it to get fixed up and included as a part of Rhino 6. We will continue to make it available as a plugin.

I would like to see some examples of how people use it just so I know how its used out in the wild. So if you have a model with a CurveOnSurface object you can share I like to see it.

Greg Arden


Do you support InterpCrvOnSrf for v6?

(Ryan) #15

There is a InterpCrvOnSrf command in V6.


「CurveOnSrf」→ work
「InterpCrvOnSrf」→ did not work

(David Cockey) #17

InterpCrvOnSrf is a native V6 command.
CurveOnSrf is a plug-in for V6