Curve network

How to make a curve network surface with these curves. Trying to keep the shape of the curves as close as possible to the original shape?
Pod.3dm (61.2 KB)

Actually Patch does a decent job here- at 6 spans or so in each direction.


Patch auto trim option works incorrectly when used with this set of curves. I reported the bug in a new thread. Patch trim bug

Hi David- yep, thanks, I saw that as well -

@rob_bosnjak, to clean up, Untrim, and you’ll get a better result if you Pull that last curve onto the surface before trimming with it - as is the planar curve is projected rather then pulled in Trim and that’s not as good in this case.


Good to know when using patch the trim area was a bug.

Hi Rob- it looks to me like it might be hard to get a clean surface AND hit all your curves- the image shows a curve interpolated through points (planar) on the set of curves-