Create a trim surface with one edge meet exactly to the curve

Hello again, I would like to create a surface with the green border curve, but this surface must have contact with red curve at the middle ( it will be a curve on surface).

if i do an untrimed surface like in the image, the distribution of surface point is not satisfactory, especialy there is a narrow angle corner.

question 240417.3dm (176.5 KB)

Odd situation… :thinking:

Try yourself.
Do network surface with the 4 green curves, then use the patch command with only the red curve and while the command is running use the network surface as “Starting surface”…
2024-04-17 05_06_08-Window

question 240417.3dm (236.3 KB)


I want a trim surface because I want this corner be flat, not convex or concave, it looks folding here if it is an untrim surface formed by red curve.

Thats a great trick, I did’t know patch can do this. Thank you.