Curve length

if i call "curve length dimension, all well and good, but if i want to edit it, it get a load of geeky stuff…
see screenshots below -

This is the same in V5 & V6


Hi Tony- yep… it is not really a dimension, but rather a leader using the fX thing in Text. Anything between the % signs is part of the fX - the big long number thing is the GUID of the selected curve. But you can add anything you like on either side of the %.


Thanks Pascal - yeas, I see that, but why…??
Normal leaders don’t behave like this, so why does this?
Normal dimensions don’t behave like this either…

Why would I even begin to care about the GUID of the curve?

Seems very odd to me…


Hi Tony - they do, actually, if you want to display something special like curve length or a date or something using the ‘fX’ button. Dimensions do not though - dimCurveLength is a sort of fake dimension. The GUID and stuff is how the thing knows what curve to pay attention to - you could swap that out with another curve’s ID and get that curve’s length instead. You can put multiple fXs in a leader or text as well if that helps, it’s just that this one we’re talking about is bundled up as a kind of dimensioning tool - otherwise it is exactly like running Leader, poking the fX button and setting curve length as the fX.