Curve Diagrid Lines


I wrote a diagrid definition using relative item component. I would like now to interpolate this diagrid lines to get a curved shape in this grid. I can´t figure it out how. Someone have any suggestion? (8.2 KB)

Best to upload your definition. See point 3 in the link below.

Sorry about that! Already uploaded the definition. Thanks for the advice mate!

use ‘interpolate’ component

Another way , you need Pufferfish bounding rectangle or you can use regular component (20.5 KB)

My problem is on how to organize/select the data in order to interpolate the points. Do you have any suggestion?

If you are ok with a Python based solution, this might work for you (the code can probably be a lot more efficient). (7.6 KB) (12.4 KB)


Pretty clean, mate! Cheers

You can also use vector direction