Curve Boolean crashes

Rhino crashes while using Curve Boolean - every time I use the command, right away or while I am using the command. I did not have problems with Curve Boolean before so maybe it is specific to the file (see attached). when I select all curves and try to get separate regions Rhino stops responding and I need to end the program. Thanks for the help.
curveBooleanFile.3dm (194.3 KB)

Seems to be working OK here, no hangs or crashes. You do have some lines that stop short of some of the others, so you won’t be able to get all the regions without some fixing…

This sounds like it might be a video card/driver problem - what are the specs on your system? Latest video drivers for your card?


Thanks for the reply!
My system is:
Intel Core i7 - 2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
RAM - 8.00 GB
GeForce GT 555M - Driver 353.62 (latest is 358.50)
Before I was using Driver 325 (from the laptop manufacturer website) and was very stable.

Hey Mitch,

Receiving this issue on V6 using Visual ARQ. I only note Visual Arq, because at the bottom of the screen it says Visual Arq is regenerating graphics and I have to force quit Rhino.

This only happens when I try to run CurveBoolean on a curve that is not planar and closed.

@enric - can you take a look at this? See the post just above this one.


Hi @SuitableConditions,

This is a different error, as your problem is that VisualARQ is trying to regenerate the graphics of some objects.

Can you send us the model to and the requires steps to reproduce the issue?


Hey @enric,

Thank you for your notes here and response. I want to preface that I am a student currently wrapping up my semester project and I have had to move things along to meet my project deadlines. So with that noted, I will have to fish through my Archive for the file and run a few attempts to make this happen again to better advise on how to recreate the issue. I might need a few days to get this compiled for you, since I have a pretty packed week – This remote quarantine education is def. not any less work for my architectural education. haha!

I do have another problem I am running into that I will explain in detail via email with a file for you to review. I will submit this ASAP.