Curve between multiple split point


How can I draw curve between multiple split point
I try Graft and use Line from 2 point, But it is create a lot of unnecessary line
Or how to filter it?

Thank you in advance

Curve between split (16.0 KB)

Could you please internalise point data ?

Oh! Sorry

Here is internalise data

Curve between split (15.5 KB)

No worries, there you go :slight_smile:
Is this what you are looking for?

Curve between split (18.3 KB)

I may add that the sorting logic is a bit sketchy.
It works in that configuration, but when thos 3D plates bend over 90°, it won’t work anymore… I assumed it would stay close to this :slight_smile:

Hi Antoine,

Good idea!
This is what i was looking for

Thanks a lot!

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