CurvatureGraph on a curve being scaled with Scale1D - bug?

When I scale a curve with CurvatureGraph on using the Scale1D command, the curvature graph is scaled, not re-calculated.

Hi dear menno
The curve that you drawn have two dimension so when you use Scale-1D command you change your curve in one dimension therefor your Curvature Graph have a shape like this but when you use Scale-2D command your Curvature Graph have the shape that you want.

If i well understood what you mean

My experiment shows the dynamic display of the curvature comb is scaled, not recalculated while moving reference point after selecting the first location. This is as shown in your short video. However after clicking on the second reference point the curvature comb is recalculated correctly. The incorrect dynamic display of the curvature comb can be very misleading. Perhaps the curvature comb display should be surpressed during execution of Scale1D. Scale 2D has the same behavior.

Hi menno - yeah- the feedback while scaling is only scaled… I don’t know how easy that is to fix, but I’ll put it on the pile. Thanks.

@menno - for now, it does update on the fly if you scale all the control points, so my guess is this is fixable.


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