Curtin Wall and Door Issues

Hi i’m currently trying to resolve an issue with how doors cut into Curtin walls in visual arq

When using curtain walls with doors if the door is larger than a single panel of the glass the door will fail to remove the glass panel correctly resulting in this is there a setting i’m missing to get the door to correctly cut the doors and curtin walls i’m using the standard visual arq styles slightly edited

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Also is there anyway to track down an object that are causing an error i have a constant stream of Failed: One or more errors occurred but i have no idea what’s generating them.

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Hi @tim052, can you provide a 3dm file to check this out?
Also, which VisualARQ version are you running?

Here’s the file i’ve just exported the relevant object the file is rather large, i’m on the latest version. I managed to fix the error issue by doing an export selected on all my objects. But the curtain wall issue still persists.
Example_File.3dm (19.1 MB)

Hi @tim052, thanks for the file. We will revise it and try to fix this error. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @tim052,

I just want to let you know that we have just released VisualARQ 2.13, which fixes this error you reported about openings in curtain walls.

You have all the information about this new version here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released