Current RhinoWIP Very Slow

Hi all,

Just downloaded the latest WIP as my previous one was out of date. I opened a legacy file (V7) with nothing but a bunch of curves in groups (not a heavy file) and started to move stuff around, ungrouping and grouping, copying, and using the gumball to move stuff. I usually work in Testmetal mode (MacBook Pro M1Max chip) but was shocked to find it way slower than when I last used RhinoWIP in January.

Previously, I was getting 100+fps in Testmetal, but tonight it couldn’t have been over about 5 fps.

I switched into legacy OpenGL to keep editing my curves and after maybe 5 minutes of move copy delete commands, I tried to do a free gumball rotation on a group of 10 or so curves, WIP froze and crashed! I can’t remember the last time rhino actually pinwheeled and crashed. :sob: :sleepy:

I submitted the crash report of course, but was wondering if others were also having performance losses in the latest WIP release.


I reopened the file (of course I lost my revisions because I didn’t upgrade) and did a Testmaxspeed in wireframe view.

testmetal: 210FPS
legacy openGL: 123FPS

I switched into shaded mode and set the single color background, and altered the curve thickness in Preferences → Display Modes → Shaded as I did before my crash last time and repeated the Testmaxspeed command again with the following results:

testmetal: 19 FPS (viewport froze)
legacyopenGL: 17.66 FPS

When doing these tests, in Testmetal the viewport froze for the duration of the test and in openGL it did actually spin. I reverted the background setting back to Use Application settings and repeated the tests:

testmetal: 19FPS (and viewport froze)
legacyopenGL: 17.79 FPS

I set the curve width back to 1 (from 2) and pressed the Restore Defaults button and repeated the test:

testmetal: 19FPS (and viewport froze)
legacyopenGL: 17.21 FPS

I switched into default Wireframe view mode:

testmetal: 215 FPS (and viewport froze)
legacyopenGL: 137 FPS

I reentered the settings I had in the previous file to the Wireframe view mode (Curve width 2 px, Single color background) and repeated the test in the two modes again:

testmetal: 222FPS (and viewport froze)
legacyopenGL: 138 FPS

Is shaded mode just broken right now?

I’ve moved your post to the more appropriate Serengeti category that is about RhinoWIP.

I remember noticing sluggish viewport behaviour, but instantly rolled back to the previous version (8.0.22130.14236, 2022-05-10), when I noticed that Grasshopper was broken. I’m skipping this one.
You can find the link to the download here in Wim’s reply:

Here are my stats for my Mac Studio:

  • Rhino 7 (7.18.22145.08132) [OpenGL]

    • 60.50 FPS Wireframe
    • 60.20 FPS Ghosted
    • 59.52 FPS Arctic
  • Rhino 8 (8.0.22130.14236) [Metal]

    • 4166.67 FPS Wireframe (?)
    • 152.48 FPS Ghosted

Thanks for the movement to the correct place.

That is a lot of FPS from the Mac Studio :eyes:

I wonder whether the test is working right, but it’s a beast of a computer considering its size and energy consumption. :slight_smile:

As you may know, Rhino doesn’t take full advantage of Apple Silicon chips yet. However, in other, more optimized applications - like Blender - you really notice what it can do.

Yesterday, I saw this on the Bella Renderer website:

On the right they compare their render engine Vs. Cycles on the left.

So I tried the classroom scene in Blender with Cycles GPU and 800 samples, which produces a much less noisy and clear image than in the Bella comparison.

It took 3 minutes and 17 seconds. :rofl:
It might not be fair comparison and their website might be outdated, but I find it amusing either way.

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It is not outdated, here is 3m 17s, reaching 80 samples, on the current version 7 rhino cycles, using all cores on my 5950x:

The scene is not identical to the one from blender, it was given to me by a user who converted it by hand, and it uses different lighting – I’ll redo this comparison on the site using some different scene, since I see it caused some confusion here.

is cycles in blender not already updated to cyclesX? and is blender adding any denoiser right out the box?

I did 800 samples in Blender in the same time.

No idea. It’s still called Cycles.

Yes, but my render tests were done without.

Cycles X was only the project name, it continues being called Cycles since the update in Blender.

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