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Hi how do i cull the floor underneath the ground. I was only able to isolate it but I am unable to cull it without the top disappearing.

Jp Morgan Grasshopper Final (34.1 KB)

you need to draw a flat surface that covers your tubes at Z=0. Use “split with surface”, then using the “3D center–point” of each resulting objects, cull those objects whose center point Z < 0. Or simpler, split the tree after the surfsplit and you will have top and bottom objects.

Sorry im on holidays… Cant do it for you. Hope this gets you going.

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Jp Morgan Grasshopper Final (37.7 KB)

You could use Shift List to eliminate the bottom curve being passed to the ‘Curves B’ input of the SLOW Region Difference component:

Jp (29.0 KB)

By the way, I eliminated the ‘22’ slider being used for the last Extrude by re-using an earlier slider labeled “Distance Between Each Floor”.

P.S. Looking closer, I see that you ignored the “Distance Between Each Floor” slider at another point in the code and computed a value of 22.5, which leaves a small gap between each extrusion. Is that intentional?

Jp Morgan_2022Sep23a2

Thank you! I will give it a go