Solid Difference Help

I’m a school student struggling with grasshopper - especially with the solid difference/intersect tools. I’ve cut two geometries out of each other below - but I wanted to keep the middle portion, instead of deleting it. Any help would be great - I’ve attached my grasshopper script below.

solid difference - (20.6 KB)

What do you mean by middle portion?

You mean this?

yes that’s the part I wanted to keep! Minus the wall on the left hand side

Your top element is not long enough to cover the wall:

Is there any way to create a surface out of the polyline and the curve in my script? So I can cut that out instead of the extrusions?

To get it solved you have to replace intersection with solid difference:

I don’t understand this triangle creation so you have to fix it yourself first.

The curve needs to be flat and closed but I don’t understand how this could be of help here?

Try this:
solid difference - (31.6 KB)

I want to make this shape a surface, rather than having two surfaces which extrude upwards and downwards - does that make sense?

You can extend the upper curve for larger triangle.

You can use loft, but you still need to extend the upper curve for the effect you want:

Any chance you can send me the script? I’m not sure I understand

Ar you happy with my solution? Adam proposed another one and there is no clear information (sketch?) what are you after.