CSV file from Iterations' Result

Hi all,

I want to generate a CSV file and add the result of each iteration in the grasshopper environment to a column of CSV file. Therefore, I would have a CSV file as a result in the specified path. In other words, the input of my component would be the file path for CSV generation, the header of each column, and the values of the iteration for each column. The output would be the CSV file.

I would appreciate if anyone helps me to know how to proceed it.


CSV files typically contain one line per row, not per column. Are you describing two files or one?

There must be some sort of GH file that has, at the very least, data illustrating your project?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I am running hundreds of iterations for my parametric analysis and each iteration’s result would be added as a row of the CSV-generated file. The final output will be a CSV file with hundreds of rows.

Here it shows a preview of the component.

Hope it is clear enough.

Any idea how to proceed with it?


You need to upload a grasshopper file (not a picture).

What sort of data are you inputting at the values and header inputs? Is it already csv formatted text?