CSec Equivalent in Grasshopper

Is there a CSec Equivalent in Grasshopper? I have thought of a few ways but it seems like a really long way round.

I’m just using it to thread through section curves for a Network Surface.

CSec - Grasshopper Equivalent.3dm (47.2 KB)

I would then want to amend the CSec Curves across along the floor plane, to update the Network Surface. So it needs to work together with a Crv2View (Which I don’t believe there is an ‘official’ tool for either).

Here’s a way (using intersections/extrusions):

crv2view_FAKE_help_01.gh (47.8 KB)

referenced curves are internalized so re-instate from your .3dm if you want to edit them

also check this thread for an alternative:

oh yeah change amount of ‘V’ curves here, forgot to label it :grin:


Very good!