CSA Pistol–revised

Once I had put the original model up on the forum, I felt I had let myself down a bit: it wasn’t finished and certain parts were not quite right. Therefore, I have produced this revised version. On the original, the ends of the trigger-guard splayed out too much so I have remodelled them and added the screws that held the guard in place. I have also added the locking screw above the wedge that secures the barrel, remodelled the butts and added their screws. For anyone who is interested, the weapon is a c.1862 Griswold and Gunnison, manufactured in a tiny factory near Macon in the Confederate south. The weapons produced were few and due to shortages of materials, often varied slightly in design and metals (info from the web).pistol revised.3dm (4.5 MB)

It’s a beauty!