Anyone need a CSA pistol?

pistol.3dm (10.4 MB)Only had a side view image so had to make guesses about the rest. By all means plunder at will. I wave all copyright.

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Nice model!


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Hmm, maybe we can 3D print that thing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Always the progressive!


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Very good work
What is meant by “I wave all copyright” ?

There is a bug when export this colt to Rhino v4 …


Hello eddi
’I wave all copyright’ is just me saying anyone can use the model freely. It was modelled in Rhino v5 so may be a problem opening in v4

This is great BIG THANKS

Yes, second message was intended for Pascal…

The mesher in V4 was not nearly as tolerant of less than perfect edges compared to V5. My guess is you may have to do a little surface refining and mesh settings adjustment to fix the leaking render meshes in V4.

Hi Eddi

I’ve seen this in V5 and found that if you split the surface in 2 (vertically in this case) it should be fine, think it’s a graphics issue. Like to know what causes this too.

Dumb Question: what is CSA?

On topic: Well-modeled pistol. Might actually fire.

Johnny Reb

Hi Tony,

Nice model! I downloaded it to have a look at the complete model,
rendered it in Neon to do it a little more justice:

I had to look it up as well:

Actually it’s “waive”, which means relinquish or give up… --Mitch

@John_Brock; @BrianM
Yeaah, i understood, if exported as “save small”, regeneration of new mesh in v4 has produced this error…
Export complete from v5 with mesh to Rhino v4 is ok…
Thanks for info
Ok, thanks

Only for Info, i’am not an expert in weapons, what functions have this pins.

Thanks and regards :wink:

I am also not an expert with weapons, but this appears to be a Colt 1851 Navy (although the barrel looks like it is from the 1860). From Wikipedia, the nipples held a fulminate percussion cap which would ignite the charge, propelling the .36 caliber ball.

Aaah, you’re right

Here two quick RhinoCycles renditions with some simple materials added. Only skylight used.



Damn! It looks almost real.

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