Handle and trigger guard for handgun

I cannot get the handle and the trigger guard to look proper if i can achieve that i may be able to tackle the rest from a better stand point too

Hello- please post the Rhino file, it will be much easier to help if we have a starting point.


ok ill have to work on it again first because i cant find it, soon i will,

did follow the tutorials didnt understand a better way to approach it though

here are all the views in the meantime

thanks a lot

i have tried to upload this on the forum but with no apparent luck
revolver 4.3dm (1.73 MB)

Pascal, i didnt hear any word on the revolver handle, have you had a chance
to look into that?

Hmm- I don’t know nearly enough about what the 3d shape is like but maybe the part you are asking about is what I’ve roughed in in the attached file?

revolver 4_Handle_maybe.3dm (253.4 KB)