Crystallon, Lattice Thickness Value

Hi there,
I am using for a project Crystallon plugin for GH to create a lattice structure. Part of the project requires implementing attractor points which suppose to be possible with the Lattice Thickness Value, however I can seem to get it working.
I have looked through all the examples included in the Crystallon file and there isn’t much about the approach towards this command.
Has anyone succeeded using it? I would very much appreciate some help!

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wow, thanks for your help…

Ask yourself the only important question: Why should someone help me and take his time to create an example file and solve the problem for me if I don’t even want to spend 1 minute reading “How to ask effective questions” to prepare everything for my helpers as good as possible. But this happens to everyone in the beginning, so don’t worry :wink:

Upload what you have till now and make a good sketch of what you want to achieve and it will be more likely to get help.


Did you try to contact the author through Food4Rhino ?

Hi Laurent,
nope haven’t tried that. I hoped someone here have come across a similar problem ( have seen it in some topics, messaged people but no answer) and would perhaps know the answer.
Thanks for your reply .

I attached two sketches neither of them seems to work.

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Again… Please read and upload your file.

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I’ve only uploaded those pictures here for the author of the plugin to have a quick look as I cannot upload them on food4rhino. You are rather arrogant, rude and unhelpful. If you want to help comment regarding the problem. If anyone wishes to view the file will defo ask for it. The plugin is very new and I don’t expect people to have answers to my problem however the author seems to be very helpful.
Btw, I think you probably are old enough to know starting a sentence from “ask yourself the only important question…” will not come across as a positive advice, so teach yourself some manners please and than try and act like a moderator. Please don’t bother replying as i haven’t got time to run a conversation with an internet troll. And yes I am sure you are perfectly capable of sweating out an essay reply here… Goodbye

Following your advice I contacted him and got some tips but still can’t get it to work how i want.
So uploaded some sketches here, and linked them on food4rhino. hopefully will get some response.

Actually it should be a bit funny after your ironic reply. I post the link to avoid unnecessary conversation like that. However sorry for your bad mood.

The error is in the authors Expression inside the cluser…