Cross Sections Loft

Hi, I am trying to turn these cross sections into one surface that follows the outter curves.surfboardloft
loft didn’t work for me and network surface didn’t work.
Please help. (4.7 KB)

Sweep2 does the job, but the circle at the “bow” is too big and makes an ugly… (8.1 KB)

There can often be issues with matching curve directions and sequence of station curves, but this worked well.

P.S. Actually, the reason I used Entwine with flattened output was because of a subtle data tree issue… I hope it’s enough to get the general idea.

thank you

I did it with cross reference.
The circle orientation does not match with the other curves, so I have recreated new one. You can use the circle though.
image (10.6 KB)

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CrossRef? How bizarre…

Using Loft instead of Sweep2 makes little difference in this case. The bow circle is problematic in several respects:

  1. It’s not centered at the end of the rails (‘outline’ curves).
  2. It’s too big!
  3. Its direction doesn’t match the other section curves.
  4. Its seam (start/end point) doesn’t match the other section curves.

This fixes all of those issues: (18.7 KB)

The original bow circle is ignored, replaced by a very tiny one with adjusted Seam. Looking very closely, I see “stretch marks” on the surface, indicating the seam is still not quite right.

Changing the seam slider from 0.5 to 0.564 looks better? Building models that generate fair hulls isn’t always easy.

It seems your cross-section curve’s cp and axis are not perfectly aligned and your two rail curves are not also symmetrical.
The final surface shape you want is symmetrical, so you’d better make only half of the cross-section curves and then you can mirror and match the tangent to make a perfect symmetrical and even isocurve distribution.

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Here’s another idea for replacing that problematic bow section (circle). Scale and Orient a copy of the next station curve. Looking pretty sweet. (20.0 KB)