Creating Trailing Edge on Wing

Trailing Edge on Wing.3dm (1.6 MB)
Now that the main wing section and motor nacelle are generally correct, we need to close the trailing edge with a 1.5mm radius. What process should I use to extend the top and bottom sections to where the distance between top and bottom surfaces is 1.5mm and then add the 1.5mm radius?

Use the FilletSrf command.

ExtendSrf the surfaces past where the fillet will be.
FilletSrf the extended surfaces with a 1.5 mm radius.

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That looks great near the wingtip, but I was not able to follow the process to create the edge from the wingtip to the engine housing. Could you provide a little more detail?

With a 1.5 radius the fillet will be aft of the engine housing. It appears you have already found this.

What is you design direction? There are numerous possible solutions including:

Extend the engine housing aft.

Copy the outer surface of the engine housing. Extend the copy aft. Use the extended copy to trim the wing surfaces and fillet.

Create a variable radius fillet. Unfortunately the command VariableFilletSrf requires the sufaces to intersect which these surface do not do. So creating a variable radius fillet is more complicated.

There are multiple other design directions.

The designer/modeler has to decide what they want.

Outer Surfaces.3dm (201.2 KB)
I removed the engine mount and nacelle as these can be added back later without difficulty. With just the top and bottom surfaces, I can extend the surfaces and trim against each other to form a sharp edge, but I have not been able to create the 1.5mm radius edge that you created above. Can you be more specific regarding that step?

Hi Ronald - the surfaces stray too far apart to fit a 1.5 radius fillet along the entire edge.


It will also be cleaner if you DivideAlongCreases the surfaces to remove the kink. FilletSrf is the tool to use here.


Outer Surfaces with Fillet.3dm (523.5 KB)

Hi Pascal,

I followed the guidance you and David provided. Indeed I did have to DivideAlongCreases before FilletSrf.

The DivideAlongCreawses and FilletSrf left a strange gap in the fillet. The central area will be discarded when I trim with the engine nacelle, but I would still like to clean up this gap when instructing students.

Hi Ronald - in this case, Untrim then ExtendSrf the fillets through each other


and Trim them back with the curves of intersection - or the parts of these that make sense.



Outer Surfaces with Fillet.3dm (513.9 KB)
Thanks. I trimmed them back with a plane along the centerline of the aircraft.