Creating toolpaths for a laser to form interlocking pieces (is this a wish?)

I have a dream…

I know that software exists to do this (A certain CAD software manufacturer has one of these for free download), but I’m hoping to find a means in Rhino.

Take a 3D model and slice into a stack of profile, both left to right and top to bottom, calculate where the “slots” would be (the intersections of the profiles) then use those parts to create a pattern to be laser-cut.

I know that I can create contours of a model which gets me partway to what I need, but it still requires gobs of manual work to get to the laser pattern.

My guess is that I need to look into some scripting or beg the Rhino developers for a new function.

Hi Dave,

Here’s a Grasshopper tutorial I made a while back that I think does what you’re after.

Perfect! This is exactly what I am trying to do.

The issue with overhanging geometry in the Z-axis may prove to be a problem, but I’m willing to play around a bit to find a solution. What you’ve provided is a fantastic starting point.

Now, all I need to do is get a copy of Grasshopper.