Creating surface with curve network


Is there any command that allows me to create a surface from a curve network?

I know I can do it using the interface but what is the rhinopython command for it?

I have found it in

It is supposed to be AddNetworkSrf but I don’t think this function is available…

Thanks in advance


This seems to work:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
curves = rs.GetObjects("Select curves in network", rs.filter.curve, True, True)
if curves: rs.AddNetworkSrf(curves)

Check the Rhino.Python help file for details.

Hmm, looks like the Python Help file is missing an entry for NetworkSrf in the Index tab…


Hey Dale,

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried that command but I guet the following error:

Message: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘AddNetworkSrf’

Hey Mitch,

It is true. I cannot find any help regarding ‘AddNetworkSrf’

any other thoughts on this?

Hi Ricardo,

you´ll need to update your syntax files for rs from this link. In particular the AddNetworkSrf method is located in


Also, make sure you have the latest service release of Rhino 5.

Help -> Check for updates…

Dear Clement,

Thanks so much.

Do you have any ideas/guides/tutorial on how to perform an update of my syntax files?


Hi Ricardo,

i´ve written a small [script][1] to download the 27 files into a user definable temp folder. Then once i´ve downloaded them, i´m overwriting the old files under:


I´m shure this will change at some so Rhino automatically downloads and updates the files.



Dear all,

Thanks so much for your answers. After updating the I did manage to use the command AddNetworkSrf.