Creating Surface from Mesh

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I’d like to seek your help in getting able to get boundary surface out of meshes to create breps. I have several meshes and I am trying to get a surface using the outermost frames of the meshes. For example for the railing, I want to have a surface covering the entire railing. Similarly, for the doors as well.
If you could please share some insights, I’d be very grateful.

Thank you :slight_smile: (506.2 KB)

Can you do a bounding box around the railings geometry then grab its largest face?

I just opened you GH definition , I see a lot of clones for the balconies, can you first simplify the mesh model to sort them by level (1,2,3,4) and also split the types by (doors, Railings, extra).

One thing I suggest is to set your Geometry into Rhino Layers, and Reference them link the below:

Then you can call objects in individual layers using “Grasshopper’s Geometry pipeline” or installing Elefront Plugin.

It may sound like a lot of work but when it comes to Grasshopper it is always a Data Tree problem.

Thanks, Scott. I have tried that but the bounding box does not cover all the railing.

Thank you Tay, however, I am not able to control balconies because the mesh I am getting contains a morphed geometry.

I am able to solve it although the solution is quite long. It involves culling extra surfaces and then using boundary surface to create breps in order to do brep join in the end.
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