Converting Complex Math Objects into surfaces/solids


The attached rhino file is part of one of a series of math models I am developing. My aim is to create 3d printable versions of these models. I have managed this partially by creating layer ‘ThickFins’ which I have actually had printed but I want to create proper solids (hollow) of these models. I have tried to do this in 2 steps. First using the surface loft command to create the complete surface then, in step 2 using the solid offset command to create a proper skin with thickness. I have tried all sorts of combinations using the surface loft command to get a flawless full surface but have not managed. Even when I get close and attempt to create the skin the distortion becomes extreme.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the programme?

Note: as these are math objects and not sculptures I need to stick to my coordinate points.

ModelU3721SphGenCreatedOn14102022074445Part.3dm (15.3 MB)


Chris Falzon

This is a random collection of overlapping, intersecting curves, how would you possibly expect to be able to just ‘surface’ this? You’re going to have to ‘resample’ this into some sort of actual surface topology to even get a mesh from it.

I see a pattern and ordering in the curves. Try lofting subsets of the curves.

Hi @chrisfalzon1
I’m not sure if this is close to what you are after? Made by extracting control points from your curves, creating a point cloud from those points and using ShrinkWrap command in Rhino 8 WIP, then QuadRemesh to a Sub-D object.

HTH, Jakob

As your curves are generated in a mathematical way, you may want to also look at generating them in Rhino through scripting or Grasshopper instead of making them in another software and importing them, as I presume you are doing now.
That way you’d be able to generate the surfaces more directly, and also to modify the variables or equations and see instant updates.