Creating smoother looking triangle panels on an irregular surface

I’m trying to create triangle panels on an irregular surface from a couple of curves. I tried to divide the curves into segments before extruding the midpoints of each of these segments to create a triangular surface. I have tried a couple of methods including lunchbox’s triangle panels and the surface mapping feature but those doesn’t seem to work very well. I could make do with my current results but it’s not ideal.

Here’s what I’m having difficulties with:

  • Smoother looking triangular surface (does not have to be regular/equilateral/same size, as long as they are triangles. I personally prefer the looks of irregular triangles something like this)
  • the shape is pretty much fixed - the two curves at the end are fixed but anything in between can be flexible and as long as the section has an ‘S’ profile sloping up gently; which makes it difficult for me to use any pre-built plugins to divide the surface into triangles
  • optional as I can work around with this manually (I have a certain surface area that I need and was wondering if the triangles can automatically be generated so that it meets a certain surface area that I set)

triangulate loft.3dm (2.6 MB) triangulate (17.2 KB)

Can you not loft the surface in the other direction @shu?

This would give you better control with the spacing along the length of the surface. I just joined your profile curves by entwining the pieces and lofted through them:

triangulate (15.6 KB)


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thank you! this worked really well!

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