Uneven Triangular Panel on Concave Surface

Hi everyone,

My goal is to make an Uneven Triangular Panel IN the initial curve, almost I succeed. My problem as you can see in this Concave Surface, is that the panels cross the borders (initial curve).
I try many ways but I could find a way,because boolean difference did’t work.
I would like some advises or help.

triangular surface.gh (23.3 KB)
Meshedit2000.gha (119.5 KB)
Pufferfish3-0.gha (7.1 MB)

thank for your time.


And your geometry (‘Curve’) is not internalized.


LunchBox maybe it was preinstalled I did’t find any .gha for it in my pc, thats why I late to anwser you.
you can download it from LunchBox | Food4Rhino
because I can’t upload the installer
Hope to internalized the ‘Curve’ correct this time

How about using TriRemesh?

triangular surface_re.gh (10.3 KB)


TriRemesh could be a solution,
I have try to use this component but am not so familiar with this… I have found previously this but I couldent do it like mine with UV.

… You know if it possible to do something to hierarch the point on grid? (i dont know if i ask it right, like more ortho style)

what I need to connect ?!

Hello again,
I try to extract the inner point of Triangle Panels B (TriB) to use it as grid atractors,and based on the inner points change the lenght of TriRemesh to produce equal points with the grid. After relocate each point to another point, but sadly it couldn’t attract the nearest… and I couldnt finish the remeshing.
(if I won’t succeed, thank you very much for your solution)

triangular surface_re.gh (28.3 KB)