Creating smooth meshes from pipes, like tsPipe had in T-Splines?

Hi @gustojunk,

What I’ve been working on is something to thicken up a skeleton of lines into a closed, all-quad solid mesh suitable for turning into a subd object.
It’s also allowing input of mesh quads as part of the skeleton, so you can include ‘filled-in’ portions.
The plan is to have this as both a Grasshopper component and a Rhino command.

Here’s some testing of a Grasshopper prototype:

I’d be interested to know more about what type of control of the ‘webbing’ you’re after. At the moment it just lets you control of the size of each node with an input sphere. It might also be good to include some control for how many subdivisions you get along the tube from each input line segment though, as this will affect how curvy the resulting node is:

I think the shapes you showed would work well, since they look like wireframes coming from solids, but it gets more tricky to get a nice result when there are lots of edges meeting at a node from all directions, and this is something that still needs more work.