Creating sleek renders that can be used for presentations


I’m wondering if there’s a plug-in I can use to create renders with title blocks and different views of the subject…
I’m aware that you can do this in Rhino, but it’s quite a lengthy process.
I’ve seen Layout in Sketchup being used and it just seems simpler and sleeker.

I wonder a) if there is a plug-in like Layout for Rhino
or b) if Layout is compatible with Rhino?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Your best bet is to do this in two stages.

First, pick a world-class render engine. You have a few choices, but I like V-Ray. Create your rendering or multiple renderings.

Secondly, place those image(s) into a separate robust page layout program. Odds are the name will start with Adobe. For multiple-page presentations, InDesign is excellent. Illustrator or Photoshop will work in a pinch for one-page layouts. InDesign is great for both superior control with images & text, but equally important is control over exporting to a PDF.

In almost every case, you will want to send your recipients a single PDF document, regardless of the number of pages. Never send anyone 15 JPGs unless they ask for them. PDF is the only way to go. I have optimized 40-page PDFs to be under 5 MB, which is another important factor to using the right app.

Shoot me an IM or email and I’ll forward some examples.

Do look at the amazingly simple fast learning curve Keyshot renderer that mostly uses a HDR image sphere for lighting that it has an interactive editor for. That it works outside Rhino, yet has a plugin to automate moving over to it, is a feature not a bug. It’s what most gadget advertisement is being displayed with, even when it looks like a real photo, and that’s becoming true of jewelry too. Vray is terribly complicated compared to it, as is Maxwell, yet like Maxwell, it is a true photon physics renderer. It now has lights and emissive materials too if you need to add lights, but you can also place dark “cards” or mirrors around an object too. Really an amazing system that can automatically generates a “clown rendering” for use in Photoshop to isolate each material surface for editing so you can do two or three different lightings and then combine them quite quickly in Photoshop.

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The is a demo version of the OctaneRender for Rhino plugin, which creates photoreal renderings inside Rhino.


I am a long time Rhino user that has been through the endless quest for a photo realistic renderer for use with Rhino, until a couple of years ago. I tried everything available for the last ten years and Paul and his implementation of Octane within Rhino has answered all my needs. I’ve posted numerous times here with the results but anyone wanting first class renders within Rhino only need to look closer at Pauls link above.