Square truss bridge

Hi, trying to get a square truss bridge into rhino. still a beginner at this but got found this video online. The script is not completely given and still needs to be finished.

what I’ve got so far is.

26 AM

here is my grasshopper script…
Ontwerp.gh (37.1 KB)

The video i watched was

and what it has to become is …

Hope someone can help me out to make the script.

You’ll need “Lunchbox” plugin to make this work…

Ontwerp_re.gh (15.3 KB)

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thank you so much!

Im trying to change one thing to the object… The loft going up i want to go straight from the bottom to the top and then have the whole diagrid placed through the structure.

35 PM

Ontwerp.gh (54.9 KB)

Just replace xzplane & unitY to unit Z vector…

Ontwerp_reV2.gh (15.7 KB)

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