Creating Schedules with using RhinoInside?

Hi RIR users,

I am trying to automate the process of creating 100+ schedules with set parameter fields.

Is this automation process possible.

Would be great to be able to create multiple schedules with set

Hey @user2449 ,

Depending on your needs, you can create a single schedule and then duplicate it using RiR components, or you can use the below component as shown to create schedules from scratch by providing a unique name, schedule category (I have set it so that you can input a text value of “Multi” for a multi category schedule as shown), and the field parameters you want in each schedule.

PS. as shown the Multi-Category schedule doesn’t contain all the input fields because two of them can not be used in such a schedule.

CreateSchedule (19.0 KB)


Here is a good breakdown of what it takes to create a schedule from scratch using the Revit API.

I’ll see if there’s anything we can add.

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Thank you for this it is precisely what I need.