Creating Ribbons blowing in the wind (image attached), GH/Kangaroo beginner

Hi all,
I am trying to model/simulate hundreds of multiple colors of ribbons hung, blowing in the wind. Would you guys help me where to start? Thank you so much in advance…Do appreciate it.

Hi @stephy1009,

Take a look at @DanielPiker’s example on how to simulate a flag in the wind with Kangaroo. This should cover the simulation part, although hundreds of ribbons might be a bit much, even for Kangaroo. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

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Not quite the same but worth a look?

And this one:


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@diff-arch, oh this would be very helpful. I finally have sometime to sit down on my desk :slight_smile: I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help!

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@Joseph_Oster- Thanks for the link! I think this is definitely one of possible approaches especially given the # of ribbons that I have to make! (18,000…) Will keep you posted. Thanks a bunch

After running this, wait like 10sec for the (19.6 KB)


Hm, if I understand correctly, you have to wait for 10 seconds, after hitting run, until anything happens? After that does the simulation run rather smoothly?
I’ve run the wind simulation and for me it starts instantly, but that might have something to do with computer performance.

What you could do is further optimise your simulation. Less geometry should result in a better performance! You could for instance reduce the number of ribbons and/or substitute the meshes for polylines (if possible)?

Maybe, @DanielPiker has some good suggestions for you?

I think the visual effect here doesn’t really depend on having each ribbon be uniquely simulated or accurate collisions between them, so another approach could be to simulate a moderate number (say maybe 50 ribbons), then randomly distribute thousands of copies of these.


@Liu, this was greatly helpful, thanks for your attention :slight_smile: As I am playing with it, after I change some parameters, (for instance a number of flags, the size and length of them,etc) to adjust it to my design, the simulation is not working. Could you guess the reason why?.. Basically I have generated multiple ribbons(srf) according to my design intent and convert them into mesh and plugged.

@DanielPiker, I think you are exactly right. That number was in my mind as well, about 50-100. This is a different topic but as I am exploring the community here on Circle Packing, when I try to open one of your scripts “Enclosed Boundary Circle” It gave me an error message below. Would there be anyway to down load the Kangaroo Ver 2.5.0? I couldn’t find it from Food4Rhino…(this could be a very dumb question to you… please understand :sweat_smile:)

@DanielPiker, it was indeed a DUMB question. I found 2.5…sorry

can you screen shot the problem?

did u hit the reset button, not just boolean.

@Liu would scaling this up and increasing the number of ribbons require more wind force to get the simulation to work? Which parameters would need changing when scaling up?

Try flexhopper, cloth,there are videos on how to do. Better than K2 for simulating cloth / wind.

Also includes collision.