Creating Recessed Label on Solid Object

I am new to 3D printing and am trying to Iabel a part that I’ve created. I have included a picture of my part to this point. As you can see, I was able to extrude the CEX-5 into the part and then use a Boolean subtraction to recess the characters. This was possible because each of these characters consists of only one continuous curve. Now, the 8 and the 0 are giving me real trouble. How would I extrude these characters back into the object? When I do it now, only the curve itself, and not the area between the curves (which is what I’m interested in as it is the actual character here) extrudes. Please let me know how to proceed. I’ve been using the _Fin (Extrude Curve Normal to a Surface) command.

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Can you upload your file ?

I would normally boolean difference the smaller inside shapes from the numbers before I boolean difference the main shape. Sometimes this will fail due to co-planar surfaces - which can be easily fixed.

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I think I understand what you mean. And I tried that, except that I am only able to extrude the curve itself, not the area within the curve, so there is nothing to subtract the inner portions from. Does that makes sense? So if I were to extrude the continuous outside curve of the eight, I would only get the line that is the curve as an extruded object. It would be hollow. Let me know if you need clarification and I’ll take a screenshot or two and post it here.
I think I’ve included an uploaded version of my file here:
ABS_EX_508_Ford_Apex_Forum_Upload.3dm (156.3 KB)I’ll try to upload the file.

ABS_EX_508_BIS.3dm (571.9 KB)

Here you go. You have a solid there.

  1. Explode it so that you isolate the srf where you have the text.
  2. Split the srf using the text
  3. Offset the surfaces as a solid your required distance (I have offset it 1mm). Naturally, they will be normal to the surface.

Here is another route using Flow Along Surface:
ABS_EX_508_Ford_Apex_Forum_Upload Cadwax.3dm (865.7 KB)


Yup. That’s a good one too.

If you want the walls of the text to be parallel sided then:

Split the surface using the text curves.

ExtrudeSrf the desired surfaces into the cylinder. Use DeleteInput=Yes and Solid=Yes

ExtractSrf the top surface of the extrusion with Copy=No and delete the top surface.

Up until now, I’ve used this method. However, I changed tac because the text was being autoscaled to the size of the part that I was labeling. How did you keep the flowed text the same size as the original text object?

added a PlanarSrf using the rectangle from CreateUVCrv and referenced this as my base surface in FlowAlongSrf.

Can you upload a file where the part is autoscaled to the size of the target object and I will take a look ?