Struggling to make individual extrusions for this jewelry design

Hello, I just seem to be having issues extruding these individual letters for my pendant design.

I am trying to make a rendering, where the outlines of the letters are colored differently. I was successfully able to do it with one object, but not the rest. I think there is a Boolean tolerance issue, but I have never fully understood how that worked, and always had to work around it whenever I came across the issue. This time, I cannot seem to work around it.

I have tried both BooleanDifference and Boolean Split with no success. All solid objects were capped, and perfectly joined. I am however extruding at 1/8" (The pendant itself is about 2.5"x5"). What can I do to work around this, because it should be possible.

Hi @Michael_Angelo_Go,

Difficult to give a definitive answer without access to the model. Please upload your Rhino file.


Magic starts…

  1. Stay in that ‘TOP’ viewport

  2. Run the command crvboolean. Note: In the subcommand option, there should be a delete = Y/N option. Set it to Y, which deletes your original bad curves.

  3. Execute the planersrf command, then the extrudeSrf command.

The final step is what you mentioned, booleandifference.

PINOY PRIDE.3dm (7.9 MB)

Some of your curves are open: you need to close them to create surfaces.

You can quickly find the open points with the _ShowEnds command:

You also have some self intersecting curves (Rhino 7 has commands to identify and locate these) but if you use Archholic’s PlanarSrf suggestion you should get away with these in this case.

(Location of self-intersections: