Creating recess for flat head fasteners on curved closed polysurface

Hatch.3dm (4.8 MB)
In designing aircraft, we sometimes need to create the best recess for a flat head fastener. In the attached file, our students attempted to align a plug for an M2 flat head fastener in the four corners of a servo hatch. Two seem to Boolean difference correctly, whereas two do not. What is going wrong, and what is the best way to design and orient a plug prior to Boolean difference.

Boolean operations frequently fail when used with coincident surfaces which do not exactly align, which appears to be the situation here.

Make a tool with a cylinder which extends above the flat face of the plug, and use it as the cutter for the Boolean difference operation. This tool will also cut the cylindrical recess needed to countersink a flat head fastener into a curved surface, like a physical countersink does.

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