Creating parametric geometry with constraint

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a group of polygons which can be modified with their total area remain unchanged. Details on how it works can be seen in the attached image. The problem is in GH I couldn’t figure out an effective way to create parametric geometry with constraint. The only way I could come up with is by scripting a complicated math formula depicting how the parameter relates to the total area, which will become ineffective when the geometry or constraint is getting more complicated. Does any plugin in GH could create such constrained geometry easily? Thanks.

Not sure how to understand “chamfer distance” so I made my own example.
Moving point d will calculate a new point b.

area (17.5 KB)

But I guess that is similar to what you have already tried, since you don’t think a formula could solve what you are looking for.

I think the Galapagos solver that you find in the params tab could be of assistance. It can try to solve for to unknowns, b and d in my case.

Good luck, and please keep us posted if you find a way to solve this!


Thanks Lars. Finally solved it using the formula method but I suspect there would be some faster way for solving this :grin:

Chamfer (17.7 KB)

This must have taken quite some time. Those two formulas didn’t write themselves.
Thanks for sharing!