Copy constrained sketches

how do i duplicate/copy whole constrained sketch?

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That’s currently not possible, but it is on the roadmap. The issue is logged here. Do you mind showing what kind of sketches you’ve been making? Also, have you run into any issues?

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i was just playing with it yesterday. I wanted to create constrained crosssection of road concrete slab bridge with cornices. But its actually more complex that. There are conditions like if some vertical distance is less that 55mm than the slope changes to achieve at least 55mm between two points. So i abandoned it because conditions are not in scope of this. Another area where i want to try it is drawing railway loading gauges but its also more complex because some dimensions are dependent on horizontal alignment and radii of the track. For my applications everything seems to be more complex than simple constrained geometry can provide. :frowning: For me constrained geometry with variables combined with grasshopper definition and wrapped inside parametric block is probably only way how to achieve rather complicated things my profession demands.

Now i am thinking what could really work. Gh is too complicated for creating constrained sketches so: Constrained sketches could be loaded into gh (possibly internalized and bakable back into rhino). Then Gh is great to actually move the geometry with changing variables of the sketch and interaction with other geometry. Lastly GH could bake the whole definition as parametric block (like visual arq has done it slready) maybe combined with a gh player to actuaĺy provide simple way for users to create complex geometry. Concrete example: I would draw constrained sketches with dimensions as names variables for different railway loading gauges. I would load those into gh definition and created script which would change variables according to other dependancies. Last thing i would create gh player script where first you would pick loading gauge type, then click on curve from which radii would be read (and variables of constrained sketch modified) and lastly swept 3d shape of parametric loading gauge along track axis would be created. For now its possible to do this in pure gh but constrained sketches could ease the difficulty creating constrained sketches from sletcj inside gh.

Those sound like they could potentially be possible, either now or at some point. Can you attach screenshots describing what needs done as well as the files so I can take a closer?

I hope to get to this soon. It’s logged here.

I’ve been thinking along similar lines as well. Here soon I’ll hopefully have some examples to share.


this is typical problem. you are looking at part of road bridge section. encircled is a conditional constrain with exact slope which createst vertical distance but if its too little then some other distance overrides the slope…