Creating panels in trimmed surfaces

Dear all, dear @rajaa , (131.0 KB)

I am trying to create panels in a trimmed set of surfaces, but as it can be seen from the screenshot, two panels at the bottom dont get created. If I chose a different panel shape, the panels dont get created properly at all. Any idea what could be happening?

If you change the parameter for adjusting the curve seams from 0.34 to 0.345, your code produces all of the panels. (134.2 KB)

Creating panels with this method results in gaps at the edges of the surfaces you’re using to create the panels

Here’s an alternate method to divide your surface into panels without these gaps between them. (27.4 KB)

I used a python script to adjust the surface seam so the panels are centered around the opening and ordered in a meaningful way (this could be done with a plugin if you don’t want to use the script).


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