Creating negative space from revolved object

Hi there

Is it possible to create a revolved object and then use extruded curves to create negative space while keeping the piece solid? When I use the split command, the piece becomes hollow. Below is a pic and the file. Revolve objects are new to me-maybe there is a better way to create a similar outcome?

thank yourevolve2.3dm (4.2 MB)

Your revolved object hasn’t made a complete revolution. There’s a gap and resulting 8 naked edges.

Hi there,

Yes, thank you. Is that a secondary issue or is it related to why the revolved object doesn’t turn out solid when trying to create negative space?

It’s not clear to me what you want to be “negative space” but making closed objects before trimming should work.

By using the command on the red _Cap polysurface you get a solid (and at this point you can use the 3-cylinder for a _BooleanDifference. Alternatively, maybe this can help (the result is the smooth cutting area.) Use at your pleasure the distance _crv of cutting Blue.

Thank you, it looks like it was due to the incomplete revolve. Much appreciated. I was able to boolean difference without problem.
Much appreciated!