Simple Extrusion

I am a beginner with the software, and I am using Rhino 7 for Mac. When I create a 2D shape and go to extrude curve or rotate it about a line, the object comes out as hollow. For example if I make a star shape, extrude the curve an inch, it is a hollow object. The same occurs with revolving. Could someone inform me on how to make these objects solid? The revole and extrusion are shown respectively below.Thanks!!

Hi Zach - in Rihno, the thing to check is whether an object is closed, with no naked or non-manifild edges (ShowEdges command). If so, it is the same as a solid as far as Rhino is concenred.


Revolve is a surface command, it does not produce solid objects automatically (unless it is a full 360 deg.). If the input profile is planar, using Cap afterwards will close the result.

If you use Extrude from the surface menu, it will produce an open object. If you use the same from the solid menu (or set the appropriate command line option), it will automatically cap the object - again if the input curve is planar.