Creating indented,curved border

As you’ll see in the photos below, I have successfully created one of the borders I’m looking to make but it was quite a tedious process and doesn’t work so smoothly for the other three borders.

How I successfully made that one indented border was:

  1. _OffsetCrvOnSrf the existing border twice (2mm, 1mm)
  2. Move the 1mm offset curve inward
  3. Create an arc with one endpoint on the original border and the other 2mm offset curve with the center of the arc on the indented 1mm offset curve. Repeating for a total of four arcs, one on each side of the border.
  4. _NetworkSrf all of these curves to create the indented border

Is there a more simple way to get this curved border for the remaining three??

I am sure the problem is just with me, but I understand which feature you want to simplify the workflow with.

The large cutaways?
The engraved(inset) detail?

I am trying to create an engraved/indented border along the borders of each of the large cutaways. I have pieces that fit into those large cuts, but I have them hidden. The border of the top right section is what I am trying to replicate on the other three sections.

Project a curve onto the surface, run the pipe command on it, subtract the pipe from the surface/solid. Is that the effect you are looking for?

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Oh yes, the pipe command should work. Thank you.