Hole with grasshopper?

Is there a way to create holes like in Rhino ?

which rhino command are you referring to ? you may want to post a sample file.
Any reason why you post in “grasshopper developer” not “grasshopper” category ?

the components that correspond to boolean are named "Solid"- Union / Difference / Intersection.
there is extrude and extrude along component
CapHoles will be helpful as well.
Bounding Boxand BoxCorners will allow you to query the necessary height of the extrusion.

kind regards - tom

Hi Tom
I mean with rhinocommon: _RoundHole, _MakeHole , …etc


I use Brep.CreatePlanarDifference to make similar Rhino holes

I think those Rhino-commands are not accessible with Rhinocommon - you have to combine:

(wich is faster than using Surface.Create… because it includes the Cap flag)




kind regards - tom

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