Creating Holes Through Two Solids

I have two pieces that need to be aligned using index holes. I’m able to create a single hole through both of them and then using boolean split I’m able to split the hole(s). This gives me perfect line-up of the two pieces.

However the holes on the heel piece are covered over by the surface of the heel. Is there a way to remove just the surface covering the holes? Is there a better way to create these holes?

You should explore what the Trim command has to offer!

Hi cmarfione - It looks in the picture like there is a plug sitting in the hole- can you just delete the plug part? BooleanDifference might have been a better choice here, not sure what you started with.


Apparently all of the neck shaft surfaces were not joined, which seemed to be the reason I was not able to execute these holes properly. Once I joined all of shaft surfaces to create a solid, I was able to create the holes and use the trim command to trim the holes flush with the appropriate surfaces and did not have to deal with the blocked holes as I did before.