How to connect two curved surfaces from trimmed shape

Hi all,

Have been trying to create a shell for an assignment and created these holes. However after trimming the hole shapes it has made a gap between the two surfaces of my object. Since I am new I have been trying to resolve this for the past few hours without much luck. Is there any quick way I can fix this? - For a begginer. Thank you.

shell image

you can loft between edges, make some cross sections to use sweep2 , use blendsrf etc. it will be easier if you upload the file

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If you do a booleanDifference instead of trim, it will not become an open shape.

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Does the boolean need to be a solid object, the shapes I am using to trim with are hollow

Should be possible to make them solid I guess.

Thanks Guys, Loft worked for some areas and then sweep 2 worked for some other areas where loft didn’t. I am going to use boolean difference beforehand so I don’t have to do the extra steps.