Need help filling holes and cutting edges

Hello all,

I am designing a horse for a 3D print project. I am almost done with a few adjustments to make but I’m trying to cut some edges and fill some holes so I don’t have any naked edges. I am trying to trim by the nose of the horse where the sphere is next to the face and I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried boolean and split and nothing. Not sure how to fix that.

Also, I want to fill the holes by the neck and the head. I used Joinedges for one but can’t do the same on the other. I also tried to weld and patch but nothing looks okay. I even extruded the edge to try and trim it afterwards, but then it wouldn’t trim or split.

I left the two pieces to fix in black. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also only have half the horse because I plan to mirror it when everything is resolved.

Thank you!3D_project.3dm (568.8 KB)

If you want to see why a split / trim / boolean doesn’t work as expected, run intersect on the surfaces. In order for the cutting commands to work, the resulting curve needs to either cut a hole in a surface (that requires a closed curve) or extend to the edges of the surface. For your sphere object by the nose, this curve just starts somewhere on the surface and ends somewhere else. Imagine using a knife and cutting just along that curve - the surface will not be split.

As for mirroring, when you look at the objects in the front view, you will see that some surfaces extend beyond the mirror line whereas others do not reach it. That will cause problems joining things up after mirroring - you need to get these to get right onto the mirroring line.

Hi Britt- You can Trim the black surface below the ear with the head surface, but the front bit is a bit askew - e.g. the eggy shape is not on the centerline and does not intersect cleanly with the head surface.