Creating geometric patterns by culling items

Hi everyone,

First of all I seem to be missing something basic here; I want all the voids to be double height, so I managed to find the closest brep to each void, but haven’t managed to remove these from the list (I want to remove the ones highlighted in green so each hole is double the height).

I was also wondering if there is a way to create geometric patterns of holes? for example: diagonals, Xs etc., I want to try out a few patterns and see how they look. Using a series to remove indexes hasn’t worked properly because there is a different number of objects in each group, so I’m really not sure how to approach this problem.
I’m adding an image of a couple of patterns I’d like to try.
Any input would be really appreciated, thanks!

20220207 double void (11.9 MB)
Sorry about the large file size, I internalized the data for posting.

20220207 double void (12.0 MB)

Hey Joe,

Not sure if this is covering what you are trying to achieve, but I used a slightly different method to remove the object above the original pattern to create the double hole. Is there something more intricate you are trying to achieve with this pattern making?

Hey Benjamin,

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to open your file, left it running for a while but it wouldn’t open. Any chance you could share an image of the script, or disable some of the components so it will open?