Creating G-Code for a CNC 2.5D (cabinetry)

Hi all,

I’m looking for either a Rhno plug in or option to export g-code directly from Rhino. RhinoCAM looks like a great program, but it doesn’t provide for multi drilling heads, which are stock standard for kitchen manufacturers. (photo attached)

In addition we have an autoloading / prelabelling station, so would want to also create the very simple code required for placing labels. (X,Y and drop)

RhinoCAM do not have facility or plans for either.

Currently we export via an XML file and individual parts in DXF for nesting and labels to be created in Enroute, but I’ve love to keep everything together in Rhino if possible. I certainly don’t want to recreate the wheel if I don’t have to!



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Maybe a modification of Bark-Beetle can do what you need:

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